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About me

About me

Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down.

— Ray Bradbury

I started out with a dream to become a physicist and study theoretical physics my whole life :). However, I got extremely bored in the fourth year at my university, so I quit it. It wasn't a wise thing to do, but in the long run I do not regret anything I did back then. It is thanks to events such as that that I became what I am now. Were it otherwise, I might have ended up being a bore without any interest in life. It is the crazy deeds that make life so interesting :)

After a while I decided to study computer science on my own. Three years were spent in a chemical lab helping my father and his colleagues to handle the databases of chemical compounds for drug discovery. The tools described on this site are the result of that rather fruitful period of my life. I decided to make them public domain because I feel that chemoinformatics is one of the most interesting areas of computer science and it is much neglected by mainstream software development. Although there was much progress in the recent years. As a result, enterprise software is not ripe at times and the ideas presented here might help improve things a bit. I know I'm rather arrogant :)

As of now I am a software tester. More precisely I'm a technical leader, the big boss, you know. I've never thought I would have liked testing. After three years of steady growth from a manual tester to a leader of a team of test automation engineers I must confess I'm in love with testing - it must be taught in universities along with maths :) Last year I decided that I want a PhD in computer science, so now I'm studying at the University of London as an external student. I decided to start my academic career from the beginning, so the first thing to achieve is the bachelor's degree. Sometimes it amuses me to think that the head of test automation team where each member has at least MSc in computer science is a half-educated eternal student. Life is an unpredictable thing indeed :)

An attentive reader might have noticed that time periods described above span no more 3-4 years. Indeed, looking back at my life I noticed that there is what I call a project half-life at the end of which I reach some kind of saturation and become aware of an acute need for change. On the whole, I consider building the team of such brilliant people I'm currently working with is my greatest achievement. Any work you do, your any achievement is meaningless by itself. Only if a team of people with similar views as yours benefit from your work, or better still work with you on it, is when you feel your most primeval instinct satisfied. Yes, I'm also a philosopher :)